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In large interior spaces, such as gyms, cafeterias, function halls, airport terminals, and even churches, noise from conversations, speakers, music, and applause, has a two-fold problem.  First, there is the accumulation of the noise itself:  we want to hear the person who is speaking to us, but we don't want to hear the chaotic buzz of every other conversation.   The second factor in evaluating the total noise in an interior space is reverberation.  All of the sounds created in an interior space, reverberate off of the walls and other non-absorbent surfaces.  The overall buildup of conversation, music, activities, and reverberation can cause decibels to soar to very loud, even painful, ranges.
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UNX-2 SONEXclassic, charcoal

To treat your walls and hard surfaces, you need to add sound-absorbing materials to three non-parallel surfaces.  For example, this can be achieved by resurfacing the ceiling and two walls.   This would trap the noise as it ricochets from surface to surface and back to your occupants.  Here are the products that Silent Source recommends for optimal interior space acoustical comfort:

The Cutting Wedge
The Cutting Wedge has the best performance response, fire rating, and finish of any acoustical foam you can buy. That's quality!

Primacoustic Acoustical Solutions
Primacoustic presents an effective acoustical treatment that works remarkably well, is easy to install, and incorporates the look and feel of an architecturally designed facility by allowing the individual to create a look that is truly unique.

Optimizing the performance and appearance of conventional acoustical foam, ProFoam is a patented and innovative profile design.

In a noisy world, Sonex acoustical foam is a welcome relief. The patented anechoic wedge shape of Sonex is specifically designed to scatter, deflect and absorb sound energy.

Studio In A Box
Each package includes Image Tools to control comb filtering arising from strong reflections, Spatial Tools to increase the diffusion in small rooms, and Bass Tools to minimize low frequency room modes and speaker boundary interference distortion.

Put the power of Hushfoam's pyramid and anechoic wedge shaped acoustical panels to work on your noise problems...in nearly any environment.

Available in a vast array of brilliant colors, WhisperWedge Acoustic foam solves your noise reduction needs and fits in with any decor.

Safeline Acoustic Panels
SAFELINE panels are Class 1 fire rated, fiber-free Acoustic Panels measuring 24"x24" or 24"x48"; available in 1-1/2", 2" or 3" thicknesses.

Silent Source is not directly affiliated with Illbruck Inc.

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