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Whispermat is a sound control blanket specifically designed to absorb, attenuate, and dampen noise.   Whispermat barrier composites combine dense, limp flexible, non-lead loaded barriers with Hushcloth© acoustical foams forming a total acoustical system.  Unlike many other sound control materials available, these multilayer composites are manufactured without costly adhesives, thus eliminating the potential for adhesive failure.

Designed by acoustical engineers, Whispermat achieves maximum acoustical performance economically.  Three basic principles are utilized:

  1. The barrier septum is used to impede the amount of airborne sound to gain optimum transmission loss.
  2. Hushcloth©acoustical foams absorb the airborne sound with a minimum of reflection.  When laminated to the barrier the noise is both absorbed and isolated.
  3. The composite dampens noise by reducing vibration on metal, wood, and plastic surfaces.

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Specifications - WHISPERMAT barriers

The wide variety of constructions makes possible engineered solutions for most OEM and in-plant applications.  Whispermat is available in single and double layer septums, various barrier weights, foam thickness and a variety of surface treatments.  Whispermat can be purchased in rolls or sheets and can be die cut or fabricated to customer specifications. These foam barrier composites are easily cut with a knife, shears or scissors.  An economical SBR pressure sensitive adhesive or an acrylic PSA, for temperatures to 200 degrees F can be applied to any Whispermat product.   It is recommended that contact adhesive or mechanical fasteners be utilized when using these heavily loaded composites.
Physical Properties
Color Barrier Black Foam Charcoal Grey
Density Barrier 1/2 to 2lbs sq ft.; Foam 2lbs cu. ft.
Flammability MVSS 302, SAE J369, Special Formulation to UL-94V and FAR 25.853
Temperature Range -30 degrees Farenheit to +200 degrees Farenheit MIL-STD-810 at 250 degrees Farenheit, 7 24 hr. periods PASS
Cold Crack MIL-STD-810 at -25 degrees Farenheit, 1&quote mandral PASS
Thermal Conductivity .30-.38 BTU in per hr. sq. ft. degrees Farenheit ASTM C518
Tear Strength 20 lbs in min. ASTM D624, DIE C
Tensile Strength 240 lbs sq. in. min. ASTM D 412, DIE 1
Peel Strenght 2.2lbs in. min., ASTM D903
Elongation 120%

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