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Tube Traps

The Original Tube Trap

tt.gif (5976 bytes) Full rounds are available in 9", 11", 16" and 20" diameters up to 4' long.

Highly efficient, stackable corner-loaded bass trap.

Absorption down to 35 Hz.

Diffusion above 400 Hz.

Supers have internal low-Q resonator extending absorption down as low as 45 Hz.

Anatomy of a Tube Trap

Studio Traps

9" x 4' Full Round mounted on adjustable tripod.

Tuneable absorption and diffusion.

Use individually or in groups. Varied applications include: corner trap, gobo, wall traps or freestanding iso booth.

Use in recording, mix down and playback.



Fractional Round Tube Traps

tt.gif (5976 bytes) Standard length of 4 ft., custom lengths available

Mid-range embedded diffusive reflector (500Hz and above), available centered, offset or removed

Broadband bass absorption

Control resonant modes when corner-loaded

Multiple sizes and colors


Cube Tower™

tt.gif (5976 bytes) Looks like a speaker, acts like a bass trap

14-1/2"W x 14-1/2"D x 78"H

Diffusive backscattering above 400Hz

Broadband bass absorption down to 40Hz

Control resonant modes when corner-loaded

Black or wood endcaps with your choice of fabrics

Studio Panels

Bevel cut panel trimmed with moulding.

Blend of absorption and diffusion.

2" x 8" x 48" (roll off 350 Hz)
Monitor Stands

studiotrap5.gif (5490 bytes) 11" and 16" diameters up to 4' tall.

Specially baffled Tube Trap comes with felt ring grooved into top to hold monitor in position and spiked feet below.

Smooths out peaks and valleys of bass response curve.

Controls vertical Eigentone.
Attack Wall

attackwalls-sm3.gif (6182 bytes)Studio Traps tuned with the absorptive side towards the engineer and placed on either side of the monitors, act as a soffit-loaded dead front end. The Wall is absorptive down to 110 Hz but loads the low bass then vents around its bottom and top edges to eliminate the vertical bounce. Studio Traps to the outside of the monitors also serve to control side wall reflections by casting an acoustical shadow on the side wall. This mid field Attack Wall develops the punch of far field mains with the detailed accuracy of near field monitors.


Quick Sound Field

qsf-dp.gif (9594 bytes)The multiple early reflection pattern from the QSF produces a saturation of early reflections, all inside the Haas effect window, which effectively produces acoustical compression. The Studio Traps accommodate almost any microphone placement while the reflectors mask any variation or movement of the script stand or talent. The alternating pattern of absorption, reflection and venting eliminates flutter. Mic boom connector kits for the top of the Studio Traps are especially useful when recording drums. The Quick Sound Field will give you a solid recording every time.

Fabrics Colors

Guilford of Maine fabric colors. Stock colors are Silver Papier, Grey Mix, Medium Grey, Quartz, and Black. The other colors in the FR701/2100 series are available at a
$18.00 upcharge.


  Full Rounds
9" Tube Trap
11" Tube Trap
13" Tube Trap
16" Tube Trap
20" Tube Trap
11" Super Trap
16" Super Trap
20" Super Trap

Standard Full rounds have a height of 47-1/2"
Custom Sizes are available. Please call for quotation.

  Fractional Rounds
9" Half Round
11" Half Round
13" Half Round
16" Half Round
20" Half Round
16" Quarter Round
20" Quarter Round
Standard Fractional Rounds have a height of 48".
Custom Sizes are available. Please call for quotation.


Cube Tower (14-1/2 x 78")*
*For Cubes being placed on bare floors,
rubber feet are added
Carpeted floors are without
9" Studio Trap
11" Monitor Stand Base (up to 48" high)
13" Monitor Stand Base (up to 48" high)
16" Monitor Stand Base (up to 48" high)
11", 13" or 16" Monitor Stand Top (up to 18" high)
16" x 1" Subwoofer Stand
Quick Sound Field Package ((8) Studio Traps)
Attack Wall ((12) Studio Traps, (2) Monitor Stands)
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  Wall Panels
Sound Panel (8/set)
Sound Flag (12/set)
Squares (per 25)
Strips (100 ft)
Bearing Felt (25' roll)


  Testing Materials

Stereophile Test CD 2 (MATT test included)
MATT Analysis (includes 1 test)
Per Additional Test
Optical Alignment Kit
Stud & Pad (SP set)
Angie Bracket (A-2 set)
Horizontal Hanger Set
Vertical Hanger Set
11" Round Spike Base
13" Round Spike Base
16" Round Spike Base

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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