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Wood Fiber Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Vintage/Classic Recording Studio Perforated Acoustic Tiles

Perforated acoustical tile meets stringent government acoustical and flame spread specifications ... and is now available.

Acoustical value: Sound absorption is a key factor for many installations either to deaden the sound of machines or to keep a minimum level of noise for sensitive sound recording. It also lowers sound transmission from one area to another or between rooms. Plus, it just creates a more pleasant place to be.

Flame spread value: In the past, local fire coders limited its general use. Now with a Class A flame spread rating it is steadily regaining its installation popularity.

Product is 12" x 12" by 1/2" white bevel butt joint acoustical tile meeting Federal Specification #SS-S118B.  This is the same tile used for many years in commercial, government and residential buildings. It should match most patterns. Manufactured from Armstrong blanks.

58779 Bevel Butt Joint Straight#58779 Bevel Butt Joint Straight
Drill Fiber Tile White
(23 Rows Both Directions)
1/2" - 12" x 12"
Fiber Tile White

58780 Bevel Butt Joint Straight
#58780 Bevel Butt Joint Random
Drill Fiber Tile White
1/2" - 12" x 12"
Fiber Tile White

Packaged 64 tiles to a carton and 30 cartons to a pallet. Having a high sound absorption value, and now with the flame spread rating, this ceiling tile should be strongly considered for use in :

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • General Construction
  • Sound States
  • Recording Rooms
  • Boat Cabins
  • Computer Rooms
  • Interview Areas
  • Open Space Offices
  • Anywhere that sound absorbing is a factor

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Specifications - WOOD FIBER Acoustical Ceilings
Specification Property Test Method
Class A Flame Spread Index 0-25 as specified by HUD, Title 24 Part 280.203 (a) 1 ASTM E84-81a
Smoke Developed 10 or less  ASTM E84-81a
Light Reflectance Standard of Class LR-1 (over 75%) ASTM C-523
STC Rating of Class LR-1 35 - 39 E314-73
Regular Large Hole Perforations NRC of 0.60 ASTM C-423
Full Random Perforations NRC of 0.45 - 0.55 ASTM C-423
Pricing WOOD FIBER Acoustical Ceilings
# Pallets Price per Carton Total Price
Single Carton $230.00 delivered
1 Pallet CALL CALL
2 Pallets CALL CALL
1/2 truck (18 pallets) CALL
Full Truck (36 pallets) CALL

F.O.B Source. Please inquire for truck freight charges to your destination.

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