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The sound of silence has never looked so good! Silence FR is a uniquely designed acoustical and textural wallcovering. Treated with a Flame Retardant backing, Silence FR passes the UBC 8-2 test. Silence FR fabrics are Scotch Guarded with Teflon. Silence FR features 80 fashionable colors and is surprisingly affordable, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of commercial applications. The vertical ribs create a sophisticated aesthetic with seamless installations. Silence FR is sound absorbent, thermal efficient, and has additional features and benefits as listed.

Silence FR 100 SERIES
Width: 54"
Content: 100% Polyester
Backing: Latex
Weight: 23 oz. per linear yard
Thickness: .25"

Additional Properties:
  Flame Rating: ASTM E-84 Class "A".
  Passes UBC 8-2 test.
  Low static.
  High abrasion resistance.
   Velcro compatible.
  Mildew and mold resistant.
  Non allergenic.
  Fray proof.

Silence FR is available in the following colors:
100 Series Colors


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Installation Procedure:

Wall Preparation: Acceptable hanging surfaces must be clean, smooth, thoroughly dry and structurally intact. All loose paint and other wallcoverings must be removed. Freshly plastered walls must be drybefore application. It is important to prime walls with a primer that provides a solid color surface. This will avoid the possiblity of "strike through" of tape and spackle lines or other variances in the color of the wall. If there are any questions concerning the surface to be covered, a test installation is the recommended course of action.

Adhesive: Use clear adhesive. Do not dilute with water or other additives. If clay base is used, cleanliness must be maintained.

Application: Silence FR wallcovering should be table trimmed as to, balance seam between ribs. A sharp blade must be used at all times. Apply adhesive to the wall with a 3/8" nap paste roller. Install fabric from top to bottom, between two plumb lines for " absolute verticle alignment. Fabric should then be firmly pressed to the wall using a 1/4"nap roller to l insure maximum contact with adhesive. Complete installation instructions are included with each Silence FR wallcovering shipment.

   Installation Guidelines


Specifications Additional Properties
Contents: 100 Series 100% Polyester Passes UBC 42-2 and Phoenix Corner Burn Test
Backing: Acrylic Low static
Thickness: .25" High abrasion resistance
Flame Rating: ASTM E-84 Class "A" Velcro compatible
Width: 54" Passes NFPA 701 small scale

Silence FR 100: 24 oz. per linear yard

Mildew and mold resistant
Acoustical Rating: ANSI-ASTM C423 N.R.C. .70 Non allergenic
ceilingspacer.gif (147 bytes) ceilingspacer.gif (147 bytes) Fray proof

Sound Absorption

125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NCR
.06 .31 .70 .81 .69 .65 .65
Silence FR 100 Series $23.50 per yard - full bolt (54" x 33 yards) $775.50
An additional $3.00 per yard cutting charge is applied when orders are less than full bolts. There is a 30% restocking fee for returns.
No returns under a full bolt.

Net 30 (approved), Amex, Visa/MC, Discover
UPS shippable.
Color samples available upon request.

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