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SilentSpace Panel

SilentSpace Panel is a free-standing flexible wall system which offers superior sound control and visual effect.  Setup is quick and simple, providing a no-tools approach to designing and re-arranging a dynamic area.

SilentSpace Panel can be stored flat against a wall...
providing a crash cushion for a gymnasium setup, and it doubles as a visually
attractive, sound-absorbent, wall enhancement.
Or it can be rolled up and carried away.
Ready to divide a dynamic area?
Simply pull
it around
the area,
and you're
SilentSpace Panel Magnet System
Connect multiple panels together.
Support feet increase panel stability.

So Simple!

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When considering a panel for it's acoustic properties, it is critical to consider the
following guidelines --
SilentSpace Panel Meets Them All!
In the world of acoustical science, if the walls in a given space are plasterboard or masonry the room will be extremely "live".  Is the proposed space divider system capable of providing full-time, round the clock sound attenuation whatever the activity?
Do the units sit directly on the floor so sound pressure at the floor/divider juncture is blocked or absorbed - or does the sound within and without the space continue underneath the panels unimpeded?
Do the proposed units have exposed or sub-surface metal, wood or plastic elements that will reflect sound waves or accentuate the distraction of intrusive noise and sounds?
Do the panels reflect the lower frequencies of human hearing to create a "Background Masking" effect?
Instrumental ensembles benefit greatly from an acoustically appropriate backdrop.
Children with Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome (ADDS) benefit from less distraction when the acoustics are subdued.
Material The panel cores are made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) Foam core. LDPE is a durable, lightweight, flexible, solid extruded plank. Offers excellent strength, resistance to creep under load, vibration and shock   absorbency and water resistance.
Panel Height 78"
Panel Length Available in legths of 8' or 12'
Panel Width 6.25"
Panel Thickness 2.25"
Panel Weight 57lbs (8' length) / 85lbs (12' length)
Flammability Specs

• ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test (Class A)
• Flame Spread 15
• Smoke Density 30
(Caution: polyethylene foam is combustible and should not be exposed to flame or other ignition sources).

Noise Reduction

Independently tested by Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory for noise reduction. Rated at .80 (Noise Reduction

Fabric Colors SilentPanel Colors
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