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Panels are manufactured according to individual project specifications and are available in virtually any combination of sizes, shapes, core materials, frames, fabrics, vinyls, edge details, and attachment methods.

SilentSpace Panel
SilentSpace Panel is a free-standing flexible wall system which offers superior sound control and visual effect. Setup is quick and simple, providing a no-tools approach to designing and re-arranging a dynamic area.

Wall Panels easily add texture, color and acoustical balance to any room. Choose from a variety of fabrics, colors and textures, including Guilford FR701. All FABRITEC Wall Panels are made-to-order with either square or beveled edges.

Primacoustic Acoustical Solutions
Primacoustic presents an effective acoustical treatment that works remarkably well, is easy to install, and incorporates the look and feel of an architecturally designed facility by allowing the individual to create a look that is truly unique.

FabTEC is the breakthrough combination of FireFlex Acoustical Foam with a High Performance Non-Woven Fabric. When brought together a lightweight yet very durable acoustical panel is the result. Available in a variety of brilliant colors.

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