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Silent Source

StackIt Gobos

The innovative gobo system improves on the traditional gobo by providing the only acoustical control system that incorporates a flexible, fully modular system to provide the best acoustical control in studio recording and sound separation applications. Gobos are the perfect solution for both large and small studio situations, because Gobos can change as often as your studio needs do

Primacoustic FlexiBooth Instant Vocal Booth

The FlexiBooth is a full size 24" x 48" wall-mounted acoustic cupboard that opens up to surround the voice talent and create a dry 'voice-over’ zone. The innovative design separates and attenuates room ambiance from the voice recording, which then allows the engineer to add echo or reverb and equalize the voice to best suit the performance in post production.

Primacoustic VoxGuardTM Nearfield Absorber

The Primacoustic VoxGuard is a high performance ambient noise attenuator designed to surround the microphone and reduce unwanted sounds from contaminating the recording. This nearfield absorber works by creating an acoustic boundary around the microphone that at once contains the voice while eliminating room reflections from entering the mic.

Primacoustic GoTrap Studio Gobo and Bass Trap

The Primacoustic GoTrap is a combination studio gobo and bass trap that is designed to enhance the recording process by controlling spill between instruments while passively removing excessive bass from the room.