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ClearSonic™ LID System

Introducing the ClearSonic LID System. Designed to substantially reduce sound that would normally escape upwards, LID Systems are especially helpful in spaces with high, hard ceilings.

LID Systems utilize a light weight yet sturdy telescoping aluminum bar that spans between the outside panels to provide support for the three lid sections.

The ClearSonic LID System requires the use of an A5-6 or larger CSP. The AX12 Height Extenders are recommended to provide an extra 12 inches (about 6.5 feet total) of head room under the lid.

Although our light-weight sound absorbing SORBER lid provides optimal sound reduction, hinged clear Acrylic panels are also available. The clear panels are heavier and so require the use of two support bars.

Although the rubberized metal "J" hooks resist sliding, LID Systems come with short hinge sections that must be installed on the top outside of the end panels to help make sure the bar does not accidentally slide off the back of the panel.

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$1360.00 (plus shipping)

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