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ClearSonic™ Panels

The ClearSonic Panel™ uses an American made, high quality 1/4" clear acrylic plastic that is 99% as transparent as window glass.  It is superior to other clear panel products because:

The acrylic panels are connected together using a recently improved and extremely durable full-length transparent hinge. No gaps between the panels for sound to escape!
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CSP systems are available either 48 inches or 66 inches high and are assembled using panels that are 24 inches wide.  NEW! The small size of A2-4 (2' H x 1' W, four section CSP system) is perfect for speakers.  See the price list for a complete list of sizes.
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CSP systems fold "accordion style" for easy transport and storage.
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Cable cut-outs, now between every panel section, are standard equipment. Quit chasing all over the place looking for another extension cable. Take the shortest route through the cut-out!
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The bottom of each CSP section is protected by a steel reinforced, black rubber-like base trim.
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A safe and comfortable carrying case is available to fit each size offered.
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Sound Reductions Specifications

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ClearSonic IsoPacs:
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ClearSonic Flector:
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ClearSonic LID Systems:
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