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Embossed Metal Ceilings "Tin Ceilings"
The glories of the past are in your future with Prestplate ® Metal Ceilings.

churchcenter.jpg (22060 bytes) Once upon a time ceilings were interesting; they had character. Now most of them are flat and bland, about as interesting as a dry cracker. If you're tired of the dullness, you can change it with Prestplate® Metal Ceilings. You can once again have an ever changing play of light and shadow as the sun travels its course over your home. Not only are all the great old designs still here but there are new ones for a bold, contemporary look. Whether you want to recreate a turn-of-the-century feeling, or have a striking contemporary look, you're free to play with your own creativity. It needn't be confined to the ceiling either -- Prestplate® makes an equally smart wall covering in place of paper or other materials.


The Prestplate ® Metal Ceilings Advantages:

Our customer was so happy with their Prestplate Ceiling that they sent us a photo!
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dotzz.gif (120 bytes)You can install them yourself!
dotzz.gif (120 bytes)Longer lasting & more easily maintained
dotzz.gif (120 bytes)They won't crack, peel or flake
dotzz.gif (120 bytes)They are richly decorative and ornamental
dotzz.gif (120 bytes)There are a vast variety of styles to choose from
dotzz.gif (120 bytes)Matching room accessories available (see below)

Additional Information

6 Inch Multiple Plate (click image to view close-up)
#200 #204 #205 #207 #208
#209 #210 #215    
12 Inch Multiple Plate (click image to view close-up)
#303 #307 #309 #310 #314
#320 #321      
24 Inch Multiple Plate (click image to view close-up)
#5000 #503 #504 #505 #507
#509 #510 #515 #517 #523
#525 #535
Miscellaneous Plates (click image to view close-up)
3/8 Profile #504 #508 #508C #508B  
Size: 24" x 24" Size: 24" x 24" Size: 12" x 12" Size: 12" x 24"  
Size: 24" x 48"        

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