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Isolation Hangers

Hung ceilings, because of the nature of their construction, tend to act as sounding boards and amplify the noises and vibrations that are transmitted down from the building structure through the suspension wires. Just the opposite is the situation with air ducts and piping in that vibration from air handling units and pumps is transmitted to the building structure. In order to reduce these effects, a completely resiliant material must be interposed in the system. The 'ARH-1' Hanger is designed to server just this purpose.

Suggested Specifications

Isolation hangers shall be incorporated, in series, into the suspension system at all points of support. The isolation medium shall be high tensile gum rubber, to assure resilience, with an anti-ozonant added, to assure long life. The metal structural portion of the hanger shall be 11 gauge zinc coated steel wire forms interlocked through holes in zinc coated steel pressure plates and swaged in place to provide failsafe construction. Rubber collars shall be provided at the points where the wire forms pass through the pressure plates to prevent metal-to-metal contact.

  Additional Information  
  • Vibration Isolation Theory
  • Inside The ARH-1 Hanger
  • Methods of Installation
  • Typical Installations

  • Selecting The Correct Hanger Size

    Hanger Model Number  ARH-1-20 ARH-1-40 ARH-1-70
    Static Deflection at Maximum Load 5/16" 1/4" 3/16"
    Maximum Recommended Steady Load 65 lbs. 120 lbs. 200 lbs.
    Color Code Identification Red Black Blue

    Pricing Information
    1-99 Hangers $4.00 ea.
    100-999 Hangers $3.85 ea.
    1000 +UP Hangers $3.75 ea.

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